Music Monday (You’ll Look Like a Tree)


One of my favourite performers/lyricists/poets of all-time is Rich Terfry, better known as Buck 65.

I follow him on Facebook (His account is verified). He is a great story-teller. Not only because of the many interesting things that have happened to him, but because of his knack for balancing the right amount of detail and story. 

On Saturdays he posts playlists. I enjoy this because while I may be familiar with a good chunk of the artists in the lists, there may be a new song, or a different recording than I’m not familiar with. Of course there’s also lots of new artists I discover this way.

I’ve decided that to keep a steady flow of blogging, that Monday will be my day for that. Mondays are the hardest. I always feel so disappointed about how short Sunday feels, and then it’s back in the saddle Monday. I listen to music constantly throughout every single day, but on Monday I’m always really picky. I have to start the week right.

The first playlist is one I made on a little while back. This is such a neat site. It let’s you build playlists off of your personal music collection and whatever can be found on Soundcloud. The catch? You can’t use an artist or album more than twice. So you really do end up with mixes. I made this one for someone a while ago, to give her an idea of what I have been listening to lately.

I guess this is kind of cheating, but I came up with this idea at 1:30am this morning, so I can live with it.

Hope this gets your Monday going right, or maybe is the catalyst for a better day. If you’re on 8tracks, follow me! Send me good music! I can never get enough!



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