Music Monday (Richter)


I think I missed Music Monday this passed week. Not making that mistake again.

By now, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’m basically gaga for Buck 65. Earlier in theweek, I got to see him perform for the first time in ages. He acted as MC and a performer for a show featuring a variety of musicians. He told some stories, introduced bands, and then did a set of his own.

He’s wild on stage. One of the most interesting personalities you’ll ever see live.

My lady wasn’t too familiar with his hip-hop persona. She’s always known him has Rich Terfry, host of CBC Radio 2’s “The Drive”…or, as she likes to refer to him: “Richter”. She quite enjoyed his ridiculous rap-persona, one he has self-labelled as the “What’s-His-Face of Rap”. Watching him dance around like a man with no bones, and spit rhymes about men dying with shovels in-hand, she assures me she won’t be able to listen to him on “The Drive” quite the same.

Since she only got a small sampling of his tunes, I decided to make her a playlist. So here’s your music Monday.

It’s starts off with some faster and more upbeat licks, then transitions into more ballad-esque songs. The last few years he’s worked blues, folk, country, and avant-garde music into his repertoire. Something that is a lot more evident in the second half of the imx. There are also a couple of Bike for Three songs. This was his fantastic collaboration with Greetings from Tuskan!




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