Resolutions are funny.

I feel like we use the term “resolution” to escape responsibility. It’s easier to blow off a resolution than it is a goal. When you make a goal, you have to sit down and really think about it and plan. Resolutions are vague. Goals are specific and action oriented. Resolutions are full of ambition but no real true focus. Goals start small and grow into larger, more positive things because they create a pattern of responsible behaviour.

Here are my 2014 RESOLUTIONS:

-Use the word “kajigger” more frequently.
-Enforce the usage of the term “Ocelot’s Overalls”. This NEEDS to replace “Cat’s Pyjama’s”.
-Acquire more sweaters and cardigans.
-Start referring to my footwear fetish as a “hobby”.
-Discover no less than one new band a month.
-Drink less but better quality beer.
-Drink less but better quality wine.
-Drink less. (Which frankly I have already been quite good about lately.)

Now for some 2014 GOALS:

-Find creative ways to be more active.
I’m starting dance (tap) classes next week. I feel like this could be a great stepping stone. The gym is super unappealing. Hiking more this summer is GOING to happen. I live in a city that has access to so many wonderful trails. Time to start taking advantage.

-Write more!
I’ve already started this by finally committing to blogging. It’s been going pretty good so far. The Regional Assembly of Text might be another avenue to peruse. I will NOT be deterred from pen-pal’ing by Canada Post. DELIVER THAT MAIL!

-Cut down on take out.
It’s appalling how much of it I eat. I would honestly say it’s almost an addiction. I originally put “fast food”, but it’s not fast food that is at the heart of the problem. There are several restaurants and cafes around my work, that make delicious, healthier, foods that i indulge in far too often. My wallet needs a break.

2013 was a mixed bag.

There were times when I really questioned what I was doing, where I was going, and sometimes if I would even make it to a point where I wanted to be. On the flip-side, I did some fun and exciting things. I met some great people who really taught me how valuable being surrounded with love is.

There are many mountains to climb this coming year, I’m going to conquer them all.



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