Sometimes you just need to write everything out before bed. Otherwise, it just gets lost and that perfect moment where all the words are there, vanishes forever.

I’m constantly making lists in my head. I don’t know if you’ll read this. I ASSUME you will, and I will get a thorough talking to about being up later than I should be. This list has been pretty uniformly the same for awhile now. I’ve just never been able to write it out the way I’ve wanted. I started thinking about it the night we were on the train with your sister, and we were debating the release date of “10 Things I Hate About You”. (You were right, for the record). This is the opposite…

1. I can admit when you’re right pretty readily
I’ll fight to the death my opinion or answer with anyone else. Even if I know I’m wrong. Whether it’s stubbornness, or just to get a rile out of people, it’s just what I do. I don’t remember when I realized I could acquiesce when wrong to you. It probably stems from the fact that I respect how well-read and intelligent you are.

2. You never leave me feeling uncared for
Cliched? Hardly. You take this to a very personal level. You’re very attentive to my needs while still focusing on your personal priorities. It’s a juggling act that so many people try to overcompensate one way or the other. You create a perfect balance of affirming our relationship while still keeping your life in check. It’s not an easy task considering your busy schedule, your efforts do not go unnoticed.

3. Communication!
This is something we’ve talked about more than a few times, go figure right? Your level of communication is beyond reproach though. There is an intuitive nature to you, and I’ve never had to fret over the context of a conversation. Since we text a lot with our staggered schedules, it’s something that could easily cause issues, but you’ve never let that happen.

4. Your laugh
Unapologetic. Full. Unmistakeable. Music to my ears.

5. The way you speak
Not necessarily your voice, which I am always so happy to hear. There’s just something about your vocabulary and choice in words. You have a knack for choosing the right things to say to suit a moment. You can shift from very well-spoken to crude depending on the context. Most people tend to hover in one zone or the other. You’re a dialogue chameleon. (SHA-mé-léon!)

6. Your smile
You knew it was coming. I could use the same adjectives to describe it as your laugh. Except it’s visual music to my eyes. There’s a glimmer that shines in your eyes when you smile, makes a boy weak in the knees.

7. Your button pushing
Girl do you EVER know how to push my buttons. All of them. It’s like you got a manual on my factory specs before I was even built. It drives me crazy in the best of ways.

8. The way you say my name
That may sounds strange. There’s this amazing balance of tenderness, lust, and assertiveness. I feel safe and lucky when you say it. Like it was written specifically for your lips to speak.

9. Your hips, legs, and bum
Of course I had to be superficial! You’re a beautiful sexy lady and there is no way I’m not acknowledging that!

10. Wavelength
We seem to always be on each other’s. I don’t fully comprehend it most of the time. It still blows me out of the water how often we are thinking or about to say the same things. Especially when we do say them simultaneously. It’s even more astounding to me that it’s not something we had to build over time. From Day One, we’ve had these moments. I can’t wait for many more.

This is a song about your wavelength, and my wavelength baby




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