February 12th 2014 – Pay It Forward


It seems that since I started this blog, family has been a major topic in my posts. Unfortunately, death has been a big reason and part of that.

There will be many people laid to rest throughout the world today. For various reasons and causes, it’s a fate that awaits us all. As far as I know, I didn’t know any of these people. There are countless voices and stories that I’ll never hear because of this. I’d like to focus on one very special person I never met though.

She’s special to me in a lot of ways, some of which I hardly know yet. While it’s regrettable that we will never be able to share a conversation, that feeling is mute in comparison to the loss her family has been feeling. People such as her form the bedrock for multiple relationships. They teach so much about the idea of unconditional love, of respect, and nurturing, without ever thinking about it. It’s what they do. These lessons are used everyday, and are eventually handed down through generations. It’s not hard to trace back why a person is the way they are.

One of the people shaped by her lessons, is very near and dear to me. I think it’s really easy to get wrapped up in a person, whether their it be their faults, or their strengths. It’s easier still, to forget those that have molded those people. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the happiness I do today, without her. I will eternally be thankful to her, for helping shape the person I know today.

I may not have had the privilege of meeting her, I will however hear stories. I will listen to reminiscing, be told many great details about her, and enjoy countless delicious recipes; lovingly handed down so that her spirit is never too far away. I wish I could be more eloquent, poetic, and perhaps a bit more thoughtful with these words. Perhaps it’s a task I should have reserved to my own internal musings. I think it’s really important to recognize when your world has lost a great person though.

Even if they were a complete stranger.



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