For as long as I can remember, I have loved being surrounded by it…

Walking along the shore

Most of all:
The Rain

I haven’t owned an umbrella in over 6 years. On the rare occasion I will borrow one, I just don’t find much use. It’s an odd decision for someone who lives in a city like Vancouver, where, everybody always carries one…even when it snows, evidently.

I love the way it beats off my face. While the denizens of this city shelter under oversized umbrellas, I look to the skies and let the rain wash the worries from my face…

I feel renewed.

There’s something about coastal rain that is especially satisfying. The saltiness. The cool breeze. It soaks through to your bones. While many lament this, the cold bothers them, it makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. In a perfect world where fantasy is reality, I would be a mariner. I have a recurring dream that speaks to this alternate existence; one that teases and taunts of a life that I can only imagine having.

While many people seek shelter from a storm, I relish in it.

It’s my one connection to a vast sea, full of dark mysteries and great adventures.




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