Feet First


“Life is all about doing things that excite you and scare the shit out of you.”


I’ve never lived life cautiously.

The laundry list of injuries, both sport and otherwise stand as evidence. I do things with reckless abandon; I leap, then look. That seems like a strange statement, coming from someone who is more apt to stay in with a movie, than live it up on the dance floor Friday nights.

My heart usually takes the brunt of the punishment.

They say slow and steady wins the race. There’s something about living in the fast lane, though. After all, life is a destination, not a race…right?

Big things are brewing.

It’s easy to tell myself, to not get too far ahead of things. It’s harder to act on that knowledge. One thing I’ve learnt over the years, is that if you aren’t going to be true to yourself, you’re not experiencing a genuine life. Fear is an excuse to let life pass you by. It can be absolutely crippling at times. Scary as the world can be, if you allow yourself to overanalyze due to fear, you end up missing out on a lot.

Big things are brewing…

Edge of the seat
Up all hours of the night
Skin tingling
Heart racing
Word stealing

Caution has never been a very close friend of mine. Despite all the bruises and scars, I’ve only ever known how to approach things one way…

Feet First.



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