Potassium Love


I don’t know
Which way she
Came from
Just blind-sided me
With that 
Along with her
Unusual way
Of conversing about
Trivial subjects
Like the colour of
My hair and
Why bananas are



Why I’m Not Productive (Thought of The Day)


I’m trying to be less discriminate about what I post.

Part of why I never got into blogging was I filtered out too much. I used to do the whole livejournal thing in high school. It seemed so easy then. Just write write write. I feel the same was true for creative writing. As I got older, I stopped writing so much. I started becoming too opinionated about my own opinions. I would write them down and then scratch them out or hold the delete button until my jumbled thoughts were no more.

This has caused a lot of mental build up. Which is why I think it’s so hard to write these things out nowadays. I have a tendency to over-think because there is too much going on. When I’m talking or debating with someone, it’s easy; I have to think on the fly. Plus it’s easy to banter back and forth in person. The internet? not so much. Tone and meaning get lost too much. Plus I have time to re-read, re-think, edit, and before long, I think the whole thing is just a waste of time and I go watch cat videos.

So in an attempt to clear the clutter…thought(s) of the day.

I think about irrelevant things all the time. I think HARD about them. To the point where I will obsess and forget more important things that I was supposed to do that day (i.e: paying my bills). Hopefully you aren’t like me in this regard, because if you read these…you might lose some productivity too.

Why don’t we say “alas” more often?

Is it because it sounds so pretentious? Is it because no one knows what it means? Or perhaps we’re afraid to use it improperly? Are we afraid of sounding too Shakespearean? (Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him not). It’s such a perfect word! Even just saying it, the intonation, it conveys a certain perfect sadness. A certain wistfulness that words like: “Regrettably”, “Unfortunately”, and “Sadly” fail to achieve.

Why do we pluralize “Dream” in the saying “Sweet dreams”?

I know that the chances of having multiple dreams in one night is extremely high. If I had my preference though, I would sleep uninterrupted the whole night. Trapped in ONE pleasant dream. I would wish much the same on my friends and loved ones. By pluralizing it, I feel like I’m saying:

“Hey, I know you’re gonna sleep like garbage tonight, so I hope that you at least have multiple sweet dreams.”  


Have A sweet dream OK? Sleep like a baby and dream but ONCE…unless you’re into multiple dreams. But that’s just a whole other can of worms.